An Introduction to Programming

The C Programming Language

The Lua Programming Language

The Love2D Engine

Introduction and Fundamentals of Writing

Introduction to Sound Design

Fundamentals of Audio

Recording Techniques in Sound Design

Processing Techniques in Sound Design

Introduction to Music Production

Music Theory


Mixing and Mastering

Applications of Video Game Music

Introduction to Art

Fundamentals of Art

Human Anatomy

References for Drawing Other Things

Specializations of Artists

2D Animation

Introduction to 3D Modelling

Manuals, Advice, and Resources for 3D Software

3D Animation

Introduction to Game Design

Introduction to User Experience

User-Friendly Menus

Introduction to Quality Assurance

Introduction to Production and Project Management

Project Documentation

Introduction to Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Outbound Marketing

Introduction to Financial Management

Logistics and Projections

Business Taxes

Introduction to Business Management and Law

Starting a Business

Labor Laws and Employee Safety

Study one of many fields of game development.

We list resources that explain topics of game development. Under each category, we try to arrange information in an academic order. There are a lot of resources to dive into, here, so let's get you started with a few recommended subjects.

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